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Main Menu

For the stand alone version first run the program then login using your username and password select the language and then click on Accept.

ControlMoney - Main Menu

Create transactions

After you log into the program it will appear on this screen, fill out all the fields to create a new transaction.

Select a Money transmitter and an agency previously set up.

ControlMoney - Create transactions

  1. First fill out all the sender information:

    ControlMoney - New transaction
  2. Then fill out the information of the receiver:

    ControlMoney - Receiver's information

    This button is used only if the sender decides not to complete the transaction and you want to save the information for use later. It allows only saving the information of the sender and addressee to facilitate further search. As you save the transaction these pieces of information will also be saved.

  3. Now fill out the information of the Correspondent

    ControlMoney - Correspondent information

    Click on the box “deposits” if you want the payment directly in a bank account. The system will show you the corresponding authorization for this type of payment.

    Allow to select the entity that you will realize in the payment.
    Payment Office:
    Commercial establishment where payment is being done.
    The services depend on each one of the companies and reflect characteristics such as a better type of change or better rates, these names are suitable of each company and will be different the ones in this manual.
    Payment method:
    Form in which the deposit of the beneficiary is delivered.
    Currency of destination:
    Type of currency in which the transfer was done.
  4. Finally type the payment information:

    ControlMoney - Payment information
    Currency of origin:
    currency in which the deposit is done.
    Money to send:
    Total amount of deposit. The value could be entered or calculated (according to the value in the space “receiving money”) if it requires knowing the amount required to deposit according to the rate of change.
    Money to receive:
    Calculated value of the amount to receive.
    Fees for rate of change:
    Additional value charged according to assigned rate.
    Total additional charges:
    Additional value charges according to specific rank in configuration “additional charges”.
    Effective Exchange Rate:
    Calculated value that results from the quotient enter, the calculated value of the Money to receive and the calculated value that results from the sum of additional charges + the money to send.

After you click save, a Confirmation message will appear.

ControlMoney - Confirmation message

The system will show the transactions detail where you can add Comments print a receipt or request a Cancelation.

ControlMoney - Transaction detail

If in such a case you have a POS printer you can print the short receipt by clicking the appropriate button it will display the following information:

ControlMoney - Print information

Print Receipt

To print a receipt click on the printer icon at the top of the page.

ControlMoney - Print Receipt ControlMoney - Find
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